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Check out our newest products here!

The Glow Up Fruit Cold Brew Water Infusion


Enhance your inner glow, and boost your outter glow, all with one skin-tastic way to hydrate and boost wellbeing! With this Glow Up Detox Fruit Cold Brew Water Infusion, you will receive a bundle of 10 assorted fruit mixtures, each packet with different flavors and benefits! 800ml reusable water bottle included!

Go on this 10 day challenge! Eliminating toxins, promoting better digestion, clear skin, improve hydration and overall, enhance your glow!

Instructions for use: 

1. Grab your packet of choice

2. Fill water bottle with ice cold water, you may add ice as well

3. Empty contents of packet into your cold brew 

4. Let your cold brew fruit water infusion sit so dried fruit can soak

5. Enjoy a delicately sweet, fruit water detox, throughout the day, and stay hydrated!

10 assorted packets of organic, dried fruit:

1. Dragon Fruit + Apple + Hawthorne  : Promote Digestion, Remove Toxins

2. Dragon Fruit + Lemon + Kumquat: Promote Digestion, Remove Toxin, Vitamin C

3. Pineapple + Kumquat + Pear: Antioxidant , Hydration, Breathe Better

4. Pineapple + Papaya + Kiwi: Vitamin C , Promote Digestion, Clear Skin

5. Cantaloupe + Pear + Roselle: Clear Skin, Protect Eyes , Weightloss

6. Orange + Lemon + Kumquat: Promote Digestion, Remove Toxins, Vitamin C

7. Pineapple + Orange + Kumquat: Promote Digestion, Remove Toxins, Vitamin C

8. Orange + Lemon + Apple: Promote Digestion, Remove Toxins, Vitamin C

9. Papaya + Lemon + Cantaloupe: Boost Immunity, Beauty/Clear Skin, Vitamin C

10. Cantaloupe + Pear + Rose: Improve Blood Circulation, Beauty/Clear Skin, Mood Elevating 

Each packet has a small amount of rock sugar, for sweetness. You can choose to not include the rock sugar by simply not adding it into your infusion!