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Check out our newest products here!

Skinni Bean Magical Midnight Lavender Lotus 9 Pack


Magical Midnight Lotus Lavender Tea 

9 Pack Box, includes 9 days worth of sleepy tea!

Each packet is good for up to 3 cups or 24 oz of hot water, you get 27 cups worth per box! 

A whole flower infusion of Blue Lotus, Lavender, and Butterfly Pea Flowers!

Enjoy a whole flower infusion with pure, all natural flowers that make the perfect night time brew. With soothing lavender aroma, and an earthy, delicately sweet taste, this all natural remedy will help you sleep soundly and wake up well rested.

Magical Midnight Lavender Lotus Tea is naturally caffeine-free, Vegan & non-GMO.

Benefits of Blue Lotus, Lavender, and Butterfly Pea Flowers:

  • Natural Sleep Aids
  • Immunity Support
  • Calms Nerves, Relieves Stress
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Influence Positive Emotions

Each packet contains enough flowers for 3 cups, or 24 oz of water!

This blend is one of a kind, and delicately manufactured in the USA!

We made sure that the process was so delicate to not disturb the flowers that it took a tedious process to make sure we give you the best, high-quality standard! Please note that not each bag will be exactly the same due to the skill it takes to re-adjust our machines appropriately, since every Blue Lotus Flower is of different size. You just can't find better, more effective and high-quality tea then this one, & we take pride in that!

Be sure to browse our shop to find our Bamboo - Stainless Steel Tea Diffuser Tumblers, as well as our Green Lotus Silicone Single - Cup Diffusers to pair with this amazing flower sleepy tea blend! 

We also offer a bundle that includes our book, written by the founder herself! A self-healing,meditative journey, with Blue Lotus Flower. Connecting with your intuition and open messages hidden in your subconscious mind with the Blue Lotus Flower. This bundle is recommended to those needing to free their minds, using a meditation guided exercise to help relieve personal issues, and wind down, with this herbal tea!