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About Us

It all started with the love of coffee, and all-natural products.

Too often nowadays, companies advertise to be all natural, low-calorie, and no artificial additives. But is that really true? Artificial additives can be masked as 'Natural Flavors' along with advertising low-calorie content, but in turn may have tons of sodium or other sugar additives they hope you won't notice.Unfortunately that's when the use of colorful terms come into play, while the health and well-being of their consumers are on the line. As someone who personally studies nutritional labels, finding grey areas can be very displeasing, especially when you pay a pretty penny for something, and don't actually get what's advertised.What started as a casual hobby, of mixing our own coffee formulas from raw, all natural ingredients actually developed into something much greater, as our interest increased, so was the interest of others around us, that were too looking for a healthier alternative to losing weight, and leading a healthy lifestyle.We started with the idea that we could offer something better. Creating a bulletproof coffee blend, without tons of sodium, zero sugar and only 23 calories, was easy! But, we couldn't just stop there.

Something had to be unique about our formula; we just knew there had to be something different and beneficial for all coffee lovers, nationwide!

After months of trial and error, testing consistencies of each ingredients, and researching more about the ingredients, we found a variety of benefits of health, beauty, and weight-loss in our hand picked, carefully selected ingredients. We discovered a very popular, yet not commonly known in the U.S., an all natural herb that has been used since ancient times; Blue Lotus Flower Extract. Most often used in teas, we decided to test the effects of adding it to an already known blend of coffee. This birthed a newly founded and now highly talked about way to enjoy coffee with a twist: Adding Blue Lotus Flower Extract to a bulletproof-type style of coffee has truly set Skinni Bean Keto Brew apart from any other coffee blend anyone has ever tried before! With only 3g carbs and 23 calories, Skinni Bean Keto Brew fits effortless into any lifestyle, where anyone can benefit from drinking a cup a day!Skinni Bean Keto Brew blend is just the beginning to our vision, with more supplements too come, we strive to find healthy alternatives to things everyone already enjoys, but now you can have the confidence with a trusted, honest company like Skinni Bean. Founded and operated by, Ashley Roxburgh, stay at home Mother of three, we can't wait to show you so much more we have in stow! Stay tuned, as you watch us hit all the kitchen counters Worldwide! Skinni Bean Keto Brew Premium Instant Coffee really is next best thing! We appreciate all the overflowing love and support we have received thus far!

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