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Skinni Bean Lotus Flower Infuser

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Skinni Bean Lotus Tea Infuser

Made with food grade, 100% hypoallergenic silicone and stainless steel!

This is perfect for any size mug or cup of your choice to easily steep loose leaf flower. Silicone exterior for easy flexibility to insert into your cup, with a stainless steel infuser cup, the general size to fit most tea bag contents. 

Empty contents of your Magical Midnight Lavender Lotus Tea, or any tea of your choice, by easily squeezing off the top, inserting your flower, and arranging top back on. Steep your flower for at least 5 minutes, and remove. This comes with its own silicone base you can set your infuser on, enjoy your cup of tea, then insert again in hot water if wish to enjoy another cup. The silicone base protects it from leaking onto your counter for continued use. 

Skinni Bean's Magical Midnight Lavender Lotus Tea is perfect to enjoy more than one cup, up to 3 cups,  or 24 oz of hot water for each individual bag! Feel free to empty your tea flower with this infuser, and use multiple times before disposing of your tea!