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15% Cyber Monday - TODAY ONLY!
Skinni Vanilla Chai Latte

Skinni Vanilla Chai Latte

 Skip the Starbucks line and make your Vanilla Chai Latte ☕ at home 🏠 #skinnilatte #ketobrew

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▪️ 1 Keto Brew Sachet
▪️ 2 Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea bag
▪️ 1 cup warm Vanilla Almond Milk
▪️ Cinnamon


1. Warm a cup of almond milk with 2 Vanilla Chai tea bags leaving an inch or more room at the top. Microwave for 1 min.

2. Take out the tea bags making sure to squeeze their contents into cup to get the most flavor.

3. Add 1 Keto Brew sachet to top and fill the rest of your cup with hot water.

4. Use #skinnibeanfrother to effortlessly whisk it all together ♥️

5. Sprinkle cinnamon on top, and enjoy 😊

6. Sip slowly—you got this!!

#vanillachailatte #healthyrecipes #collagen #collagenpeptides #bluelotusflower #lowcalorie

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