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Keto Brew Coconut Milk Lavender Latte

Keto Brew Coconut Milk Lavender Latte

Did you know you can enjoy all natural, low-calorie lattes from home, and better yet, without all those artificial ingredients, fattening sugars and additives!? Yes, it’s so possible AND easy to make! Let me share this 63 calorie recipe you can make from the comfort of your kitchen counter! Say whhhat!? Check this out! πŸ‘‡Β 


Ketobrew Coconut Milk Lavender Latte

What you need:

  • 1 sachet Keto Brew (23 calories)
  • Sweet Creme Coconut Creamer (30 calories)
  • Fresh Lavender Buds
  • 1 diffuser
  • Almond Milk Whip Cream (10 calories)

How to Prepare:

  • Empty contents of Keto Brew Sachet into 3/4 cup hot water
  • Mix with electric handheld mixer Skinni Bean Frother
  • Warm 1/4 cup Sweet Creme Coconut Creamer
  • Use diffuser to soak buds into warm creamer for 1-3 mins
  • Pour creamer into mug and froth with Skinni Bean Frother
  • Top with optional low-calorie whip
  • Sprinkle Lavender buds to garnish
  • Enjoy! πŸ˜‹
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