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Skinni Caramel Pecan Frappe

Skinni Caramel Pecan Frappe

This Skinni Caramel Pecan Frappe is so delish, and easy to make at home for on-the-go blended goodness! This is one of my favorite drinks to make, I'm drinking one right now as I write this! Using our Skinni Bean Portable Blenders, and 1 sachet of Skinni Bean's Keto Brew, and a few other ingredients and your on your way to a flavorful slushy, morning pick me up! Feel free to customize this to your liking, and take note these measurements are calculated specifically for our Skinni Bean Portable Blenders, you may need to adjust portion sizes according to your blender. This recipe below is only 98 total Calories! (83 total without optional toppings!

Skinni Caramel Pecan Frappe

  • 1 sachet of Skinni Bean Keto Brew (23 calories)
  • 1/4 cup of Dairy Free Caramel Pecan Creamer (60 calories)
  • 1 squeeze of Zero Calorie Liquid Stevia Sweetener 
  • Fat-Free Whip Cream (5 calories)
  • Sugar Free Organic Caramel Drizzle (10 calories)
  • 1 Cup Ice (or more, depending on how slushy you like it)


1. Start with making sure you Skinni Bean Portable Blender is cleaned, charged and ready to use. 

2. Grab 1 sachet of Skinni Bean Keto Brew and put in a measuring cup, add 1/2 cup of hot water, make sure its dissolved and add to your blender.

3. Since the coffee is hot, you need to add a full cup of ice, and blend.

4. Let the blender pulse a few times, and stop. Add slightly more ice, depending on your preference, make sure it's slushy.

5. Add 1/4 cup of Dairy Free Caramel Pecan Creamer.

6. Add 1 squeeze of Zero Calorie Liquid Stevia Sweetener.

7. Blend until blender automatically stops.

8. Pour into cup of your choice, and add optional toppings, Fat-Free Whip cream and/or Sugar-Free Organic Caramel Drizzle.

9. Enjoy!


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