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Check out our newest products here!
The Benefits of Enjoying Keto Brew Daily!

The Benefits of Enjoying Keto Brew Daily!

Enjoying one cup of Keto Brew daily provides a range of benefits. Let’s explore what those benefits are, and explain why this brand new coffee supplement has been hitting kitchen counters Worldwide! 

Did you know this proprietary blend is truly one of a kind? Skinni Bean was the first to put a spin on bulletproof style coffee, by adding 1,000mg of Blue Lotus Flower per serving. Making this specialty blend, unlike any other! This blend compliments any diet, but designed to enhance your keto diet. This blend isn’t primarily aimed towards health enthusiasts, active Lifestyle’s, and people looking to improve their appearance, this is also great for coffee lovers who enjoy a boost of energy—without the coffee jitters. Coffee jitters are a classic sign of too much caffeine, and happen mostly to people prone to stress and anxiety. With Keto Brew, you benefit from multiple energy sources, naturally! 

What makes our blend so special?

Nymphaea caerulea, better known as the Blue Lotus Flower, or sacred blue water lily is actually a gift to the world, and it's what makes our blend stand out from any other on the market!

It predominantly grows in Egypt and certain parts of Asia. It holds cultural importance, and images of the flower have been found on ancient papyri and on the walls of tombs. Historians believe it was once used in Egypt as a traditional medicine to treat an array of conditions and disorders such as anxiety, and as a stimulant to increase sexual desire. Today, it is used for a variety of medical purposes such as treating Parkinson's Disease by stimulating dopamine receptors and improving motor function.

How does it work?

It has been said, Blue Lotus contains chemicals that decrease swelling, kill cancer cells and bacteria, reduce blood sugar, help the breakdown of fat, and protect the heart and blood vessels. Chemicals in lotus also seem to protect the skin, liver, and brain.

Blue Lotus Flower Benefits:

  • Decrease Inflammation—Inflammation is the main underlying cause of many diseases.
  • Antioxidant— Fights free radicals which could otherwise damage your body’s cells. A diet high in antioxidants is associated with a lower risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer.
  • Treat Depression— Gives a mild sense of tranquility and euphoria, along with an altered sense of awareness.
  • Prolonged Use Decreases Desire for Greasy Foods - Some studies say, prolonged use of this extract lessens the need to diet, as most people will naturally find themselves less attracted to greasy foods.
  • Stimulates the Mind - Has been shown to improve focus, mental clarity, and relieve symptoms of dementia.
  • Menstrual Support - May help with menstruation by regulating irregular periods and easing menstruation cramps.
  • Anesthetic—the blue lotus contains ginseng, which which acts as an anesthetic.
  • Regulate Urinary System— this flower has the potential to regulate your urinary system and may help rid toxins from urinary tract.
  • Treats Gastrointestinal Problems—temporary stomach disorders like diarrhea and dysentery can be cured by using this beautiful sacred river flower. Its rhizome also possesses the ability to treat dyspepsia.
  • Strengthen Damaged Liver—Is known to help treat and strength damaged liver.
  • Anti-Diabetic — a steroid known as Nymphayol is present in these flowers, and scientifically responsible for healing endocrine tissues which have been damaged. Even having the power to stimulate insulin secretions in beta cells!

What amazing benefits you can get from this extract, all those benefits from just from one of our few ingredients in Skinni Bean’s specialty featured blend, Keto Brew!

What else can you find in your Skinni Bean Keto Brew cup?

Fall in love with your new, Skinni Bean, morning routine! Keto Brew is keto friendly! Equipped with known fat fighting ingredients such as: MCT oil, Grass-Fed butter and Coconut Oil. These ingredients when used together form the term: bulletproof coffee. MCT Oil goes straight to your digestive system, working instantly to convert fat into energy, a term commonly known as Ketosis. We will get more into this when we explain more about the keto benefits of our blend, for now let’s talk about burning fat!

Keto Brew is a popular, low calorie choice if you care about staying away from artificial ingredients, artificial sugars and chemically engineered fillers. Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit extract. This extract is known for its diabetic friendly features and ranked higher than stevia because of its natural makeup, being its naturally extracted from an actual fruit, rather than artificially made.

Naturally sourced, hand picked ingredients that deliver multiple benefits just by enjoying a cup of coffee daily! If your coffee doesn’t benefit you, it may be time to switch out your morning cup for a daily mind, body, coffee experience like no other with Skinni Bean’s Keto Brew.

Turn your motivation for a Healthier Life, into a Healthy Habit! Let us assist you in your health goals. Sip slowly, you got this! 

For a limited time, enjoy a 2-day sample pack of Keto Brew with our famed Skinni Bean Frother, grab the bundle for only $19.99+tax! 

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