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Check out our newest products here!
Flower Extracts Work!—Using a Flower Extract to Remedy Stress & Anxiety.

Flower Extracts Work!—Using a Flower Extract to Remedy Stress & Anxiety.

Taking a flower extract daily may help combat an array of ailments. With medicinal properties and calming effects. It's easy to see why people have used this extract since ancient times. 

Here is Ashley's story on her experience with enjoying Keto Brew daily, and how most specifically she found Blue Lotus Flower to be a huge success when trying to manage symptoms of depression, stress & anxiety.

"I've been taking a flower extract daily as a herbal remedy for stress and anxiety, and let me tell you, it's really been working! Before, if someone had told me using a flower supplement would help ease my symptoms. I’d simply say, nice try, but nothing really helps, long term. Today, I'm happy to say my stress and anxiety has been more manageable since using this amazing extract! When I found out about Blue Lotus Flower. I wasn’t sure what results I’d expect. After much research, I figured it’d be worth a shot to at least try to incorporate this extract into my Lifestyle, just to see if it could be of any help. I’m not a fan of taking pills, sometimes vitamins and supplements upset my stomach, and I often forget to take them on a daily basis. I find making drinks or shakes really helps, but to find the time to mix a drink everyday, crazy as it sounds, could turn into a daunting task. One thing I don’t ever miss, like a heart never misses a beat, is my morning cup of coffee. Adding this supplement to coffee came to mind, quickly I tried, and let me tell you, wow! Instantly, I felt a natural boost of energy, an incredible burst of inspiration and motivation to tackle the day. It was a type of natural, clean fuel. I almost felt as though I could see clearer, the mental focus was unbelievable!" 

- ASHLEY, Skinni Bean

With other naturally sourced ingredients such as MCT oil, Grass-fed butter and Coconut, this elixir of top quality, all natural ingredients, boosts energy and elevates mood! Feel uplifted without coffee jitters and caffeine crashes. 

Naturally sweetened, diabetic and diet friendly! At only 23 calories, and 3g carb per serving, you can enjoy it creamy, yet bold flavor alone or add your favorite creamers, without worrying about racking up your calorie intake. We come up with low calorie, tasty coffee drinks you'll start recommending to friends because their so good! Check out this Skinni French Vanilla, Coffee Spiked Keto Cocoa

Skinni Bean’s Keto Brew has quickly found its place in the coffee lover’s spotlight, for great reason! A buttery texture, and chocolate taste, with a bulletproof, ketogenic blend of collagen peptides, pure coconut, monk fruit and a specialty extract Blue Lotus Flower, who wouldn't be overjoyed to have coffee with benefits!?

"Since incorporating Skinni Bean’s Keto Brew in my daily routine, I’ve found my mood has been better. My irritability has lessened, my mood has improved, which helps motivate me to get things done look forward to my daily cup of Keto Brew. Sometimes, I enjoy a few cups a day, depending on what kind of day I’m having. In each cup of Keto Brew your getting 1,000 mg of top grade, pure Blue Lotus Flower. So consuming a few cups a day strengthens your extract intake. When consumed daily, it’s not only an amazing addition to a healthy diet and exercise. You can maintain a healthy mind, and body.”- Ashley, Skinni Bean

Skinni Bean lists every ingredient used! We have nothing to hide, and only everything good to give you! We proudly show what’s in our products, we work hard to give you only the best, top quality, ingredients in the most tasteful ways, just for you!

Check out some of our reviews below, and if your reading this and you too have benefited in this blend, we would love to hear your feedback, go ahead and leave a comment below!

We appreciate your support, and hope to be a game changer in your coffee World like we have been with our valued coffee lovers!

When you feel better, you look better! Get benefits you can see & feel! Feel naturally uplifted, with Skinni Bean’s specialty keto coffee blend, Keto Brew! #sipslowly #yougotthis 


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