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Check out our newest products here!
Blue Lotus Flower Keto Brew Instant Coffee With Premium Benefits!

Blue Lotus Flower Keto Brew Instant Coffee With Premium Benefits!

Ketogenic, metabolic boosting elixir of 100% Arabica Bean coffee beans, featuring an all natural, organic extract, Blue Lotus Flower.

Blue Lotus Flower Keto Brew Instant Coffee, with premium benefits naturally uplift, promote mental clarity and spiritually awaken consciousness.

This gentle, low calorie blend is soothing, yet stimulating, without the surge of too much caffeine. Caffeine as all coffee lovers know, can sometimes come with unwanted side effects when higher levels of caffeine are used. Our blend provides multiple energy sources, one of them being your own fat! MCT oil helps convert fat into energy, a natural, clean fuel source, with energy you can feel right away! Maintain high energy, without the coffee jitters or caffeine crashes! 

MCT oil, Grass-fed butter and Coconut used together has known fat fighting characteristics. It is said, MCT oil, (Multi-Chain Triglyceride) doesn’t need bile to breakdown in digestion. In fact it surpasses digestion, going straight to your gut, jump starting metabolism by beginning a process called, Ketosis. Where your stored body fat is converted into energy! Read more about The Benefits of Enjoying Keto Brew Daily!


Skinni Bean Keto Brew Nutritional Supplement  Facts

Low calorie, at only 23 calories total, 3g net carb, zero sugar, zero calorie sweetener.  This blend fits effortless into any Lifestyle! 

Monk Fruit Extract Powder featured in Keto BrewDiet and diabetic friendly blend, naturally sweetened with a zero calorie, zero sugar sweetener, Monk Fruit Extract. Unlike Stevia, this extract is actually taken from a Monk Fruit. This sweetener has also been known to regulate blood sugar levels, making it an popular alternative to sugar, among diabetics. Also, when following a strict Keto diet, they recommend to stay away from artificial sweetener and sugars. So it’s important to limit your intake of sugars, and be conscious of what sweeteners your drinks have in them.

Collagen Coconut featured in Keto Brew

Collagen and Coconut are also beneficial to hair, skin and nails. Which makes our blend an actual coffee supplement. With 500mg Collagen, and 500mg of Coconut per cup, daily use of our coffee can show visible improvement to hair, skin and nails. Collagen helps rejuvenate skin cells and improve elasticity as Coconut moisturizes and hydrates body. Hydration is always key to glowing skin! Side note, our Arabica Coffee Beans are full of antioxidants, Skinni Bean Keto Brew truly has multiple beneficial ingredients that help you feel good and look good!

Skinni Bean Keto Brew Blue Lotus Flower Egyptian ScriptureBlue Lotus Flower has been widely talked about since ancient times. It was most popular among Egyptians, and used as an aphrodisiac. Among other healthy benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels and used medically for Parkinson’s disease. In the past it was widely debated on whether its use was recreational or medical. Depending how you use Blue Lotus Flower, can depend on the intensity of its euphoric effects. Though I promise you, this flower is completely safe, all natural organic flower. We source our Blue Lotus Flower from Asia, where it’s predominantly grown, found in the higher elevations of lakes, this sacred water lily only grows in certain climates. Which makes it so special.


Skinni Bean Keto Brew Top Quality Standards

Skinni Bean Keto Brew’s ingredients are internally sourced from top USA suppliers, lab tested and FDA compliant. Our 100% Arabica Bean coffee beans come straight from Vietnam, our supplier is one of the 3 top coffee bean supplier to the World! Our Arabica beans are high quality, this isn’t like any ‘instant coffee’ you’ve ever tried before. This is a buttery, smooth, tastes like it was freshly brewed, with a bold, chocolate taste and aroma.

Fuel up with all natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, or sugars. Nothing to hide here! We list EVERY ingredient and even break down all the amazing compounds naturally occuring in Blue Lotus Flower, on the back of each envelope, and each box of coffee!

Blue Lotus Leaf extract for fat reduction and weight loss. The five main alkaloids in Blue Lotus Flower are Nuciferine, N-Nomuciferine, Anonaine, Pronuciferine, Armepavine, all have different benefits and all have lipid lowering properties.

Blue Lotus Flower Compounds, and their benefits.

  • Blue Lotus Flower Compounds, & Benefits:
    • Lotus Leaf Flavonoids - Antioxidant, Anti-Cancerous 
    • Nuciferine - An aporphine alkaloid extracted from lotus leaves, which is a raw material in Chinese medicinal herb for weight loss.
    • N-Nomuciferine - Main Active Lipid Lowering Alkaloid 
    • Anonaine - Part of the Acetogenins plant species, which are gaining much attention recently due to their diversity of biological activities and are one of the most rapidly growing classes new natural products due to its medicinal, anti-viral, properties.
    • PronuciferinePharmacological activities, particularly anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-oxidant, and anti-HIV’s activities. Regulate blood sugar levels.
    • ArmepavineImproves autoimmune diseases

Now you know, flowers aren’t just beautiful to look at or receive, but to drink and enjoy! Sip slowly, and enjoy some Blue Lotus Flower Keto Brew Keto Coffee today! 

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Glenda - December 29, 2021

There are so many coffee companies out there and was skeptical about trying another one. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the flavor is in the coffee. I love that you can easily slip those packets in your bag. Most places have hot water available and I’d rather have a great cup of coffee!

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